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Friday, January 28, 2011


I'm up late again.  It's actually quite common for me since I work until 11pm and sometimes later depending on what's going on at work.  So after work I am usually writing emails or catching up on the many different music related tasks that I get behind on.  During this time I waste at least a little bit of it on YouTube.  I just can't help it.  It's such an amazing tool for music and the discovery of it. 

I see so many people who use it for other things like funny videos or stupid prank videos but for me, it's mainly all music.  I especially love watching live performances and also cover songs of people singing in their bedrooms just like I do.  But tonight I found an artist I really wanted to share with you.  This artist is named Adele.  She's from the UK and actually has already won a grammy here in the US.  However, I don't think she has the mass audience here in the states that she deserves and we haven't heard enough about her. 

I'll let the music speak for itself but her voice is especially captivating to me.  These two videos below are both live performances and the quality of her voice is outstanding.  Take a look for yourself and enjoy. 

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