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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Interesting Quote

Last weekend one of my best friends was over at my place as we were preparing for a new podcast we started with a couple other friends.  It's a discussion podcast where we talk about a variety of topics and hopefully entertain while doing so.  Check it out here.

However that wasn't the point of this post!  As we were chatting he mentioned he needed to grab one of my CDs to give to someone as a gift.  The next part of the conversation was what was interesting so I felt like sharing here.

Friend: I need to grab a CD from you to give as a gift to a friend.
Me: Ok, that's no problem.
Friend: Yeah, they're starting to get to that stage in life where they really identify with your music.
Me: What exactly do you mean by that?
Friend: Well you know the whole "hate their life / hate their job / relationships going badly" stage.
Me: Hahahaha, well that's one way to put it, I guess.

I wasn't sure if I should be laughing, but it did garner that response for some reason.  Although my music doesn't seem that serious or dark to me, it's not exactly the first time I've heard how "depressing" it is.  To me it's just more "real" than some other stuff out there.  I try not to sugarcoat the things I'm going through and I happen to be a writer who is most inspired when I'm having a tough time with life.  I seem to just let it out and then I feel better.  So anyway, that story stuck in my mind and I told him I would have to write down that quote, so there it is.

Until next time.  Take care.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Quick update

Just a quick update here to get back to the blog.  I've been keeping on keeping on with the regular routine lately.  But also during this time I've got the dreaded winter cold.  It never fails that I seem to get hit with it at least once a year.  Luckily I've escaped with only minor damage so far, and things are improving slowly.  I stopped drinking pop (or soda?) about 9 months ago and went to drinking nothing less than 60 ounces of water a day.  Now when I actually need to drink more fluids, it's already easy.

Anyway, enough of the boring stuff.  I'll be back soon with something more interesting to say.  Until then, take care.

Friday, January 28, 2011


I'm up late again.  It's actually quite common for me since I work until 11pm and sometimes later depending on what's going on at work.  So after work I am usually writing emails or catching up on the many different music related tasks that I get behind on.  During this time I waste at least a little bit of it on YouTube.  I just can't help it.  It's such an amazing tool for music and the discovery of it. 

I see so many people who use it for other things like funny videos or stupid prank videos but for me, it's mainly all music.  I especially love watching live performances and also cover songs of people singing in their bedrooms just like I do.  But tonight I found an artist I really wanted to share with you.  This artist is named Adele.  She's from the UK and actually has already won a grammy here in the US.  However, I don't think she has the mass audience here in the states that she deserves and we haven't heard enough about her. 

I'll let the music speak for itself but her voice is especially captivating to me.  These two videos below are both live performances and the quality of her voice is outstanding.  Take a look for yourself and enjoy. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

you are a great musician, found your music one day on youtube and i always check back to see. i am like you just not as good lol. i was just wondering why you arent playing any new shows? and are you ever gonna come to canada? :P

thank you and glad you found me on youtube. I haven't been playing any shows recently as it was busy during the holidays and hard to travel during the winter. I've been to Canada to play at a very remote place once but I would love to someday do a whole tour there. Canadians seem to be very supportive of my music. We'll see what happens.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State Of The Union

To be completely honest I didn't catch the State of the Union address tonight.  For those of you who might be outside of America, it's the time when the President makes a speech about what he would like to see for our country and basically gives a pep talk to the nation.  I was at work where I can always be found on a weeknight, but I'm not sure if I would have been able to stomach the address had I been home to watch it.  Politics is something I follow, but have to say I'm a little bitter about the subject in general. I can acknowledge that, and if you don't agree with that statement, then you probably won't want to read on. :)

Despite what so many of the politicians say, their actions tell a different story.  This nation was and is supposed to be about the people and ruled by the people.  I can't really say that there are many cases where this is evident anymore. Especially on the Federal level.  The politicians in Congress care more about making sure the opposing party doesn't "win" than they do about their constituents.  There's so much money involved in everything that it's hard to find a place where corruption isn't taking place, even if most of America is unaware of the behind the scenes action. 

Whatever your stance is on all of this I'm sure I'm not going to change your mind about what you already believe to be true.  And before we get into some huge debate (as I really wasn't intending to start) I'll just leave you with one clip I find interesting from President Obama.  This has to do with politicians and their "promises."  I can't be foolish and believe for a second that they could fulfill all that they promise when campaigning, but why stretch the truth when you know you won't live up to expectations?  Probably because people too easily forget and the "media" doesn't hold them accountable.  Here's Obama's "promise" of the FIRST thing he will do when elected. 

And don't forget, "you can take that to the bank."
Until next time, take care.